Safety Week in Year 1/2

In Year 1 and 2 children were made aware of their responsibilities for being vigilant of possible risks in different environments. It was explained that adults will try their best to keep young ones safe but it helps if children are aware of rules to keep safe. Children were encouraged to share any concerns they may have with adults they know so they can be helped swiftly.

Children were asked about ‘stranger danger’, how to understand and spot a stranger and how to react in the safest and most appropriate way without panic. The class teachers acted out a scenario where they approached a child as a stranger, the children were able to identify the importance of not speaking to strangers and the importance of why they should walk away. Class teachers showed all children, who can be a trusted adult if they need any help (teacher or police officer) and if they have any queries or questions at any given time. Children also discussed the importance of road safety, identified road signs, and acted out short roleplays within groups. Children made props in class and prepared amazingly for their parts in the roleplay and wore professional overhauls to represent their characters. Whilst children were working within groups, they interacted with one another and helped each other to be aware of how important road safety was.  The roleplays included pupils to act as oncoming vehicles, lollipop lady/man and a walking pedestrian. The children practised how to cross the road by following the rules; STOP, LOOK AND LISTEN.

  • Children are keen to share their ideas and concerns
  • Fire drill has improved after practice session
  • In class behaviour has improved and children are vigilant about trip hazards/ use of equipment/sharing /tidying up after themselves after eating…
  • Children completed a worksheet “what makes you feel happy and safe” (people, things, places)
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