During the week of safety week, the Early Years children were able to cover many topics linked to keeping safe.

On Monday we started of by speaking about how to keep safe if there was a fire. The children were brilliant at identifying the steps to take if there was a fire. We had a great discussion during our circle time session were children shared their experiences of when they heard a fire alarm in their house, when a fire brigade visited their house. The children also took part in an activity where they had to circle all the dangers they saw around a home on a worksheet.

In the afternoon, we experienced the fire drill go off. What a great opportunity this was for us to demonstrate to the children the steps we take for a fire evacuation. Some of our children even got frightened and started crying!  The children were amazing at lining up and listening to instructions for their first fire evacuation this academic year.

On Tuesday, we moved on to speaking about internet safety. This was a great topic to touch on as children tend to spend so much of their free time at home on a technology device. We spoke about what apps were suitable for their age and what to do when children see something they shouldn’t see or don’t know what is on their screen. The children were introduced to Smartie the Penguin where they learnt about Smartie’s situation and were able to identify the mistakes. At the end of the day, we gave handouts to parents/carers on how they could keep their child safe on the internet.

The last topic we touched on was personal hygiene and keeping clean. We linked this to what was going on in our world right now with the COVID-19. The children were able to share their experiences and what they already know about this. The children were easily able to name the equipment we require to keep safe when travelling and what we should do after handling different things. The children then put themselves into action and were able to demonstrate how to wash our hands properly. Some children needed help washing their hands properly.