We are the Evergreen Primary School Mental Health Ambassadors. 

We were elected into our roles by the rest of the school and we represent years 1-6.

We are here to promote positive discussions surrounding mental health. We recognise that we are all different and have different mental health at times. We are here to support the development of Mental Health discussions across the school. 

We meet  to discuss what we can do as a school to be more aware of our mental health. We have recently successfully launched the ‘Calm club ‘where children can visit every lunchtimes and can participate in different activities to support their wellbeing. one of us will support the club every day during lunchtime and will take turns to assist in being there for those children who may need support.

During Poetry Week, Early Years children enjoyed watching Michael Rosen perform his poem: Chocolate Cake. They really loved Michael’s expressive voice and facial gestures so much so that they too joined in with the actions such as licking the crumbs and eating the yummy cake.

The children were in fits of laughter, especially at end when Michael’s mum found out in the morning that there was no more chocolate cake left and he pretended he didn’t know!

Be Blue, calm and cheer
As Bullying is not accepted here!

Anti-bullying campaign at Evergreen

This year we have decided to remember Anti bullying day as ‘Kindness day’ to encourage and teach children to always be kind and respect each other. We discussed ways In which we could spread kindness through our actions and words. On Friday 20th November, for a small donation of £1.00, the children were invited to wear the colour blue to school! We chose the colour blue because it a neutral and peaceful colour that reminds us staying calm.

Thursday 19th November 2020

Overall great day.

Students were really happy with the concept of non-uniform and had a great time showing each other their new clothes.

The role play was really successful and posters on Anti-bullying. Children were really engaged during discussions. It was interesting to see their responses to some of the scenarios given to them. Students portrayed a positive approach towards the idea of Anti-Bullying and how to handle it.

They understood the concept of being united and being against bullying and really felt like a team when asked what they would do if they knew someone was being bullied in our classroom.

For Pioneering Personalities Week, in EYFS we celebrated the theme of “My Mother” because as our Prophet Muhammed (SAW) reminds us in this Hadith, she has a unique status:

A man came to the Prophet and said, ‘O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship?

The Prophet (PBUH) said:

Your mother. The man said, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother.

The man further asked, ‘Then who?’ The Prophet said: Then your mother. The man asked again, ‘Then who?’

The Prophet said: Then your father. (Bukhari, Muslim)

We loved singing the nasheed “My Mother” by Yusuf Islam every morning to reflect on all the wonderful things our mothers do for us. During this week we had lots of fun making lovely cards for our mums. We created flower bouquets for her and amazing gold jewelled crowns because she is the ‘Queen’ in our lives. We especially enjoyed decorating cup cakes with glitter, icing, chocolate chips, and sprinkles for our super-star mums! After all, as narrated in a hadith: “paradise lies at the feet of your mother.”

As part of their homework, children were given the task to create posters and fact sheets about their special pioneering personality. Year 3/4 researched about Abdullah Quilliam and Year 5/6 researched about Mansa Musa. Here are some of the wonderful work that were produced by the children.

As part of pioneering personalities week, year one and two were involved in activities based on their assigned person, Diana Spencer. During the week, the children were able to familiarise themselves with Diana and who she was. Our activity included crown making, which allowed the children to make their own crowns using borders and designing/painting/colouring/sticking them with paper, cotton wool, stickers and feathers and much more. The children were inspired to make crowns from Diana Spencer’s tiara as she was a member of the royal family. The children had fun using their creativity skills as well as their motor skills to design beautiful crowns.



On Friday 9th October the children at Evergreen primary school had the opportunity to cast their vote and have a say in who they want to represent them in the school council. It was a difficult decision for them as all the candidates were so deserving. They also experienced what democracy looks like when you have the right to vote and make your own decision about what you believe in. We look forward to counting the votes and announcing the winners soon!