Friday 20th November 2020

Nursery and Reception took part in:


Video clip: the children watched a video clip on ‘Bullying’ It was based around these little cartoon children and one of them was horrible and mean. The children had to watch and listen carefully. When the video finished, the children were able to recall all the things that were wrong through answering questions. We spoke about the fact that what the character did was not okay, and we do not do it to our friends.

Class discussion- Children had to think about a time a friend made them upset by doing something horrible, mean, rude and unkind to them. We learned that some things are not classed as bullying and that if someone doesn’t share or take turns, we need to speak to them and tell them they should share and take turns but if someone was calling us names, hitting us, saying we can’t play with them then we need to tell a grown up straight away. As a class, we came up with a slogan ‘Be kind and hold hands’ as we like to refer to ourselves as one big family.

Poster- we made a poster as a whole class by calling children in pairs and creating handprints of them holding hands to show that we work together, play together and treat each other equally and the same. The children had so much fun doing this!


 All children were eager to learn what bullying was, they all enjoyed sharing experiences even if they were not classed as bullying and together, we were able to give advice and solve other people’s solutions. The children did not make a fuss when we did the handprints, they did not mind holding hands with other children as they understood we were one happy family, and we are all the same. And lastly, the children loved coming into school wearing blue and seeing that others were wearing blue as well, although at the beginning some of them did not understand why they were wearing blue after I explained it to them they knew what the blue meant.

Key learning

  • To work together
  • To play together
  • Treat each other the same